EdTechResearcher on EdWeek.org

Justin Reich, a doctoral student at the Harvard Graduate School of Ed, is now blogging as the EdTechResearcher at EdWeek.org. In his intro post, Justin says he’ll be focused on the following:

1) Recent Reports: Analysis of newly published white papers and articles in scholarly journals, translated and summarized for a wide audience

2) Ask a Researcher: Where I answer emails that I receive from educators and fellow researchers about my work or anything else

3) In the News: Examining news articles reporting on education and education technology

4) Works in Progress: Updates on research in progress from my work or colleagues

5) From the Field: Stories and questions from educators that I meet and work with

6) Up for Debate: Joining in conversation with fellow ed tech researchers and practitioners on questions that are engaging people

7) Questions worth Exploring: Looking at research questions that someone should answer; a good category for new doctoral students looking for research ideas!

I’m looking forward to seeing this. The ed tech space is certainly in need of folks that can connect research and practice.


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