Joel Rose (New Classrooms) on Breaking Free of the 19th-Century Factory Model

Joel Rose, co-founder of New Classrooms Innovation Partners (one of my grantees) and formerly of School of One fame, published a pithy article titled How to Break Free of  Our19th-Century Factory-Model Education System in The Atlantic this month. I’ll play spoiler and include the final paragraph, which I think summarizes his view (and mine) well.

The Information Age has facilitated a reinvention of nearly every industry except for education. It’s time to unhinge ourselves from many of the assumptions that undergird how we deliver instruction and begin to design new models that are better able to leverage talent, time, and technology to best meet the unique needs of each student. In doing so, we can put [Horace] Mann’s innovation in its proper context: as the foundation for our commitment to a public education but not as the blueprint for how to deliver it.

For more information on New Classrooms’ approach, consider watching these two videos:


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