Next Gen Learning Challenges Awards 8 New Winners (13 Total; 7 Remaining)

With support from my team at the Gates Foundation, The Next Generation Learning Challenges: Wave IIIa awards startup grants to and supports community building among “breakthrough school models for college readiness.” To compete for these grants, charter or district applicants must submit plans for bold, innovative whole-school models that leverage technology to deliver personalized, mastery-based instruction to students in grades 6-12. Furthermore, applicants are also required to demonstrate financial sustainability; that is, they must be able to operate the school exclusively on public revenue within four years of opening.

From these applications, The Next Generation Learning Challenges organization selects winners over three rounds. Last week, while I was vacationing with my family (hence the delayed blog post), the second round of winners was announced. Eight schools were awarded grants this round, which brings the total number of winners to thirteen. The complete list of winners is below along with the location, projected opening date and sponsoring organization type:

For additional detail, check out the press release along with blog posts from Michael Horn and Tom Vander Ark.

Note: the final 7 winners will be announced in the final round in October 2012.


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