My name is Scott Benson. I am a Senior Program Officer at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where I manage a portfolio of investments on our Next Generation Learning. My focus is on innovative school design and personalized learning.

I attempt to write regularly K-12 education with a particular focus on moving toward a system in which personalized learning is the norm for all kids, regardless of their zip code. I am convinced that we are at the cusp a radical redesign of our current notions of schooling, led in part by the advances in new technology and an embrace of the concept of competency-based learning. My hope is to use this vehicle and others to play some role in shaping and sharing knowledge in this emerging field.

It’s impossible to separate this blog from my day job as a funder because personalized learning is my focus. However, I will provide the disclaimer that the views represented on this blog are my own and may not represent the official policies of my employer.

Follow me on Twitter at @Scott_E_Benson.


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